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Typical Roofing Repairs:

Hail/Wind Damage – Heavy storms can cause extensive damage to homes, it is always a good idea to call a professional to evaluate your roof after you notice damage.

Improperly installed or non existent flashing – To save time and money some roofing companies choose not to install flashing where the roofing meets siding or chimneys.

If your roof needs repair, contact us for a reliable fix to last. Take our word for it, it’s guaranteed!

I found some water damage on the ceiling of my dining room. Knowing I had to have a leak in the roof, I called Guarantee Roofing. Within 2 days Sylas Smith was at my door and on my roof checking things out. He found hail damage on my roof and siding. I was devastated. I don’t have the money to fix all that. He came over when the insurance adjuster was here and has worked closely with them. Silas was able to get a new roof, new siding, gutters with leaf guard, all within the limits of my insuranc…
Holly D

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